Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Goodbye Google Glass

... hello money in my bank account.

With a long sigh and a tug at my heart, my latest trip into the future has just been sold and picked up (by someone at least twenty five years younger than me - way to make me feel old!).

Ah Google Glass, what fond memories I have of you adorning my face as I walked around the office pretending to be unable to see people because they were "living in the past". Gone, leaving me only with the memory of saying "OK Glass."

And then a few seconds later and a few decibels louder "OK GLASS."

How well I remember the day that I asked you for a recipe for lemon meringue pie. How well I remember working out after eighteen attempts that you were racist and only understood North American accents. I laughed it off and used your big brother, but it still hurts a little bit Glass.

Still, all things must pass. It's time to stop being a Glasshole, and start paying my bills again.

You were okay Glass.  
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