Sunday, 10 August 2014

First post. Better than last post. Or first past the post.

Hey world. Today, rather than writing, I have done the following:
 - Played "The Last of Us" PS4 Remastered Edition
 - Eaten
 - Cooked up some Corned Beef and Custard (like I'm living in the 1900s right?)
 - Put together my lunch for tomorrow
 - Finished reading 'Sharp Objects' (does that count as research?)
 - Eaten some more
 - Invented an awesome dessert consisting of heavy cream, peanut butter, dutch cocoa and Splenda
 - Eaten dessert
 - Watched a "documentary" on TWA800 which may as well have been labelled "My Conspiracy Theory"
 - Blankly stared at the corner of the room while trying to decide what to watch next
 - Got some free advertising for a Trade Me listing which I still haven't managed to sell
 - Unsubscribed from every bulk email listing I've managed to add myself onto (so I have more time for writing)

Come back tomorrow. Those remaining 45,000 words ain't gonna write themselves you know. (Pity, because at this rate neither am I)

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