Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ears and olive oil

So I finally got sick of not being able to hear properly out of my right ear and made an appointment to have it examined and suctioned. The good nurse on duty helpfully said that she did have appointments today - thank goodness it's driving me crazy - but that she wouldn't be able to book me one because I needed to drop olive oil into my ear at night for at least three nights before they could do anything.


So another weekend of blockages to look forward to. I can at least be grateful that the TV is on my left-hand side so I can hear it very well.

The olive oil was a bit of a revelation. A few tiny wee drops directly down the good old ear-hole. What harm could this possibly do?

Well - it's made it very clear that the blockage driving me crazy since Saturday is hardly interfering with my hearing at all. In fact, it's almost nothing compared to... compared to... well - compared to having an ear canal SWIMMING IN OLIVE OIL for instance. Ugh. Memories of glue ear as a kid abound.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Odd to be looking forward to a Monday.
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