Saturday, 23 August 2014 - Kindle Countdown Deal Now On

I have been mucho distracted today while trying to work out when my Kindle Countdown Deal on would actually be starting. My previous attempt to align advertising and suchlike on the Kindle Countdown Deal on was a miserable failure as I only realised when I updated my ads that they then get resubmitted for approval - a process that mysteriously takes the full 48 hours on a weekend, whereas it usually pops back as approved within six hours on a weekday. I mean, what are they doing?

So this time I had my ads pre-approved, and paused ready-to-go. I set up a reminder to check that the deal had in actuality started when it was meant to start (so that I didn't start advertising something that then pinged back to me as not happening) and it was there that the trouble and the tedium set in.

Now I know that these are websites, and as such they're not strictly on the same time zone as the country they're meant to represent, but really? Nine-thirty in the morning is when you think the day starts, Amazon? What are you? A teenager?

Don't get me started on teenagers again.

So I spent the better part of the day unable to write, or play computer games, or pay attention to the three TV series that I've been enjoying immensely for six, eight and ten weeks respectively which all came to a halt today - why TV God? Why? - because I felt compelled to keep checking to see whether or not Amazon had woken up in the UK.

I think that in order to stop authors going stir-crazy, and losing full days which could be better spent writing (not that I would spend them that way, but still) there should be an immediate consensus that everywhere on the Internet is now set to the same time-zone - Internetland time or ILT - and just to keep things nice and crisp and fresh that could just happen to align with New Zealand time. I mean, we're pretty much first in the world anyway - sorry Samoa but if you insist on changing time-zones willy-nilly you are going to be overlooked - and so it all just makes sense.

Then all I need is a watch, and I come equipped with one of those already.

Start a petition now ('cause I'm too lazy) and get it done Internet peeps.

Oh, and if you happen to live in the UK you may be interested to know there's a Kindle Countdown Deal on an excellent debut novel by a wonderful writer that I can personally recommend. Only 99p at the moment, but be warned - the deal's counting down and it's going to run out soon so be in quick to make sure it doesn't slip away.

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