Monday, 30 May 2016

Sleep deprivation

A fellow staff member was complaining at work today that she only had five hour’s sleep the night before.

Five hours! Sheer luxury.

For me, that’s the sort of sleep I sometimes crave to get. The kind of sleep I ache for. The kind of blissful, lengthy slumber that actual dreams can be made of.

Unless I’m taking a sedative to force the issue, that’s the kind of night’s sleep that can keep me going during the day’s when I’ve not been quite so lucky.

Eight hours I’ve long assumed is a myth propagated by an evil genius who wants to downplay the achievement of receiving any sleep in consecutive hours at all.

If it weren’t for viewing my darling achieve this same thing effortlessly, night after night, I would think it an imaginary proposition much like giving up sugar or eating a low-fat diet.

Damn my a-type personality that tries really hard to achieve things. Trying to achieve sleep is one of the things destined to make it stay far away.

Much like trying to knock it into my own head.

Doesn’t work.

Leaves bruises.

Leads to hopeless sobbing.

Until. . .

Finally. . .

Another successful night down. Only forty more years of this to go!

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