Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Where do ideas come from?

Back in October I was walking a forest trail with my partner when I started thinking about people dying of cancer. As you do.

We’d been watching a series from Britain where cancer patients had made the decision to donate their bodies to science. The documentary charted the time after diagnosis until death with them and their families, then followed on with the medical students and researchers who used their generous donations.

It was a hard but rewarding watch. Having observed my own mother’s struggle with cancer, there were many situations shown that mirrored both her and my experiences.

So, I was thinking about this show and about how if I received a diagnosis of cancer I’d need to start “putting my house in order.” I thought about where my life insurance and medical insurance certificates were, whether my will was up to date, and then I wondered what would happen if someone had something really big to get off their chest before they died?

What if they needed to confess to a murder?

A short time later we arrived back at the car and while I was buckling myself in I thought,

“And what if someone else didn’t want them to confess?”

Two ideas, 92358 words, three drafts, a thirty-day Kindle scout campaign, two edits, and one creeped-out cover later…

The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton

On Sale Now $3.49

Thanks to Amazon Kindle Press :)

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  1. And it's a good one! So that is how you got the idea for this book. Thanks for sharing. Interesting. Us little people often wonder how authors get their ideas.