Friday, 14 August 2015

New Home

I collect bird's nests.

Not through any grand plan or design to collect them, but I like them and almost every year they just drop down from the sky ready for the picking.

Except for this year. The birds may be plenty, but it appears our real estate is no longer to their liking and they've staked their claims elsewhere.

The autumn leaves fell long ago, we've even managed to get most of them into the bin and collected off the property, but the tree branches were all bare.

There wasn't even a penthouse suite trapped high above that a few good shakes and a poke with a broomhandle could convince down.

So it was with great delight that I came home tonight and found that I could add a nice compact family suite to my collection of small homes. It's nice and fresh with a beautiful decor of brown with a hint of green moss, and a yellow twig.

It's gone on the bench next to the rest of my array, and I can go to bed happily believing I'm a property tycoon, even if only for birds.

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