Thursday, 21 May 2015


Tonight I'm celebrating being in the final scene of the final chapter of the first draft of my new novel. Concurrently, I'm also watching the final of Survivor.

I feel these two things go together, though I'm reluctant to tease that simile out any more in case it all falls apart.

What I definitely feel like I need is some Champagne. Isn't that what you're meant to celebrate these small positive life experiences with? Mmmmmmmm Champagne.

Unfortunately, a life of debauchery lived in my teens and twenties has put that option off the table.

I'd substitute it with the next best thing, fizzy grape juice, but there are currently two drawbacks.

One: I don't have any fizzy grape juice in the house, and

Two: Even if I did it has a whole lot of sugar in it and if I'm throwing around sugar calories I'm imbibing them in raspberry licorice or icecream, thank you very much.

I guess I'm stuck with my default position, sugar-free chocolate.

I'm quite amazed that I've managed to make chocolate, one of my all-time favourite food groups, sound like a plate of vegetables. Simply by the virtue of wanting something more.

I'm also quite amazed that I've managed to spend the last twenty minutes typing this out, rather than going ahead and finishing my first draft.

Oh man. There are so many themes of regret, and parallels between writing and food, and overarching story lines playing themselves out in these few paragraphs.

I could make this into a full-blown story about adult regrets and lost opportunities, but then I'd just start writing something else in order to avoid finishing the first draft.

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  1. Hopefully by the time you get to my comment, you're proudly looking at "The End" on the first draft of your new novel. Yeah!! :)
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