Monday, 6 April 2015

Why do holidays end?

Tonight is the last night of my Easter holidays. And once again I must ask that most philosophical of questions - Why do Holidays End?

No, I'm not really sure why it's a philosophical question either, just it sounded better than my usual whining.

Given the time I spend looking forward to holidays, they really should last longer just to recompense me for the thoughts given. If they were longer I bet I'd spend less time thinking about them as well, which would work out better for those people who don't realise that they're paying me to think about my next holiday.

I've also discovered that because I leave work extremely early, due to starting extremely early, it means my holiday ends earlier than your standard holiday-ending victim. Three-thirty is my cut off time, while there are other people I know who can sail on all the way to five before they officially count themselves back at work.

Oh, I thought that was how everyone counted the end of their holiday. Is it not? I think it should be. If the world was run by accountants, and lets be serious for a moment now because it'd be much better if it were, that is definitely how you would keep track of your holidays.

But none of that matters at the moment, because whatever may or may not happen to the length of my holidays in the future, the one I'm currently having is over.

And tomorrow may be Tuesday, but it's definitely got some Monday-like qualities going on.

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