Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The cupboard

Before I start I'd just like to say, what happens in the cupboard stays in the cupboard. My cupboard buddies will know what I'm talking about.

I played a part in today's unit presentation. We call it a quarterly presentation because it happens two or three times a year. Everybody gets a section, apart from that time when somebody had "car trouble" and somebody else "slept in" and we ended up with one person doing three of the sections while the rest of us who'd bothered to turn up did one.

Traditionally we've booked out the really large room at work for this so we only have to do one presentation. However, for the last two presentations it's been booked out earlier by some far more organised business unit, and we've therefore had to make do with a smaller room and tag-team presentations to get everyone through.

Prior to the refurbishments the room was just a room, but now it has a secret. Hidden in the corner of the room is a secret cupboard. It looks small from the outside, but as any Doctor Who fan could guess it's bigger on the inside.

Not having enough chairs for everyone to sit down the Team Leaders chose to wait out the presentation in the cupboard, only emerging as their section was ready, and then popping away again neat and clean.

The first time around we were remarkably controlled. We paid attention to each other's segments, and supported our increasingly hot selves against the door leading out of the cupboard.

The second time around we had less patience and more ease. Lacking chairs in the cupboard, we knelt and then lay down on the floor. This was a bit of a worry because apart from one member most of us had waved goodbye to forty and knees just don't cooperate the same as they used to.

I can't say too much, but some stuff happened, and if you weren't there you might take it the wrong way. Needless to say all the Team Leaders are now fully bonded thank you very much.

Oh, and if anyone's still on the floor could you let us out now? A joke's a joke, guys.

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