Friday, 12 December 2014

End of the road

Tonight is the last time I'll be writing to let you know about the blog tour stops you can avail yourselves of.

It's been a lot of fun, but every good thing has to stop sometime, hopefully before it wears out its welcome.

Haven't we had fun though. From the rollicking good time shown to us by Sexy Adventures - Passionate Tales, to the nasty scare I gave an unsuspecting Liza O'Connor.

This was closely followed by some swearing on Maggie Thom's site, and a revealing biography on Megan's Blog.

I was read by Jane Reads, my deal was shared on the Deal Sharing Aunt, and my zeal for fiction was displayed on Fiction Zeal.

Tina Donahue presented me, Owltastic promoted me, I shared my Hope. Dreams. Life... Love in a Writer Wonderland, and was neither reviewed nor interviewed on Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews.

Ho condiviso qualche tempo su Libri Amori Miei, shared some views on Nickie's Views and Interviews, and then joined in to Book 'em North Carolina style.

I've filled some Rooms with Books, Woke up my Wild Side with Gale Stanley, and was a non-paranormal feature on Laurie's thoughts and reviews.

After stopping by Long and Short Reviews, I discovered It's Raining Books, then got all Unabridged with Andra.

I was reviewed by a Jersey Girl, found that I was Beyond Romance when I guest blogged about writing, and then went Straight Browsing from the Library.

There was plentiful Coffee, Books & Art, before I was interviewed by Two Ends of the Pen. And I was Welcomed to My World of Dreams, before going Undercover for Book Reviews.

So it's with warm appreciation that I bring up this picture for the last time...

And announce that my grand send-off is being set-up as we speak with the tangled web of My Tangled Skeins Book Review and the beautiful rabbits holed up at Bunny's Book Reviews.

A big thank-you also to the wonderful goddesses at Goddess Fish Book Promotions, who handled all the annoying little detailey bits so that I could sleep soundly at night.

You put together a wonderfully diverse blog tour for me, with enthusiastic and charming hosts - something I would never have the patience and fortitude to do by myself. I wish you all the best, and I expect to be back in touch with you for the next book.

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