Wednesday, 19 November 2014

SAW on the West Wing

We're watching an old series of the West Wing at the moment, and it's strange all the people that keep turning up in it as people other than what you know them now to be.

Yip. Pretty sure that sentence made perfect sense.

I'm currently watching the weirdo out of the Saw franchise - the main serial Sophie's Choice killer weirdo, not any of the other ones - wearing a military uniform. It's not pleasant. And it's hard to take him seriously.

I also think that the President's men shouldn't be hanging out with a slutty weed dealer, and Peggy Olsen just needs to grow up and stop hanging around with college kids.

There's a nice twang of nostalgia seeing Ron Silver on the screen again - I miss him. I loved it when he was in Chicago Hope and kept bringing out the x-ray showing the instrument his ex-wife left inside a shortly-thereafter-dead patient.

I'm not actually sure what he's doing here now, I've lost track of everybody. Now I'm just playing the game of pointing and saying "he/she was ***** out of ****!" I love IMDB in these situations. My memory isn't up to the game much anymore.

And now Christian Slater has walked onscreen. In a slightly darker uniform. Is anyone in The West Wing named Heather?

Funniest of all is seeing the same virtuous morality that a bunch of newsmen currently own spilling out of decade old mouths as though it was fresh material. I may have that backwards, but that's the way free TV rolls.

Onto my attempt to "break the internet" one blog at a time.

Another solo star hosting me tonight. Pop along to Jane Reads later tonight for a guest appearance by... (drum roll please) ME!
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