Saturday, 22 November 2014

Little Birdie McNugget

For the last few days we've had a slightly wild pet keeping us company. A fledgling blackbird fell out of its nest (or flew out of its nest) and now is in no position to fly back to it.

Either its parents, or other unrelated birds who are taking pity on it simply due to species affinity, are turning up every once in a while to shove a couple of beakfuls of food down its gullet. Otherwise, it's on its own.

Except for me and my darling. That little bird is now our favourite part of the garden. No matter in which part of the garden it happens to be.

It still has a few fluffy feathers. And it doesn't emit any sounds, so when it opens its mouth for food it has to plead soulfully with it's cute little eyes. When they connect with you, you feel it. You feel this little bird's pain.

Just in case you thought I was kidding about the full extent of little birdie's beauty here are the clips of proof:

Am I right, or am I right?

Okay, maybe he just looks like a little bird to you, but me and my darling both work long hours and can't reasonably expect a pet to amuse itself all day long while we're out of the house so we are sadly lacking in animal companionship. Therefore a pet that comes with it's own caretakers is the epitome of all that is adorable.

In homage to South Park we've even gone so far as to name him McNugget. Yes we have. Yes we did. Cutey wutey little birdie McNugget.

Just dropped in to type this up before I get back to cat duty. They're not laying claim to him on my watch.

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