Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bestseller in its field!

Today I hit the refresh button on my permanently pinned Amazon book page (which is next to my blog visits summary, my twitter analytics, my facebook insights, my google analytics and my tweetdeck - also all permanently pinned) and saw something wonderful.

Oh yeah - you read that right. #63 in Mystery - the second largest genre section on Amazon. Oh wait... I think I cropped that wrong. Just a moment, try this one!

You saw it here first. #63 out of how many, you ask? 38k or more. Oh yeah, alright, oh yeah, alright. Oh. Wait a moment, just a slight change...

Definitely right this time! (You can trust me)

Number #63 out of how many, you ask? (again)

I choose not to answer that question on the grounds that it may invalidate my victory.

And I also shouldn't mention how the time elapsed since the last sale has already made inroads into my number placement. I'm afraid to look because the last time I was getting dangerously close to slipping into the 90s and that's the Amazon equivalent of hitting your 40s - the edge of irrelevance.

So I'll just leave these pictures here, and maybe when refresh gets the better of me later tonight I'll visit my own blog (don't judge - I bet you do it too) and see my immortalised victory.

Bestseller status. Forever.

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