Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Titles and Time-off

A very exciting day yesterday. After using a couple of working titles that didn't feel at all right for two months, I've finally hit upon a new title that I think fits my new book (okay draft) perfectly.

The most exciting news of all is that now I have a title I also have the perfect idea for a book cover, and therefore have permission to take a break from writing for the next day or so (or week) while I design the perfect book cover. Because it's no use writing all those words unless someone wants to pick it up (physically or digitally.)

I love full-on proper excuses to stop writing. Guilt-free opt-outs. Reasons that are vitally important for the future security of the writing itself. And I love book covers. They may not be appealing to the general readership at large - but I love my designs, and right now I'm the only person that counts as far as this one is concerned.

So I'm off to pick up my figurative tools and slap on a bit of pixelated paint. Wish me luck.

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