Sunday, 28 September 2014

I want my hour back. #DaylightSavings

My holiday comes to a screeching halt today. I've been living a blissful life for the past two weeks. Doing nothing except the stuff that I felt like doing, and only then when I wanted to.

But tonight I'm going to go to bed in holiday-land, and wake up tomorrow in the real world. I'm not looking forward to the transition.

This is all terrible news to me. I've been trying to adjust myself, but honestly I'm on holiday so I'm not trying anything very hard. But yesterday I got some bad news. Daylight savings.

You mean I lose a full hour - on the last day of my holiday?

It may make a difference to some people. Maybe someone out there gets some sort of joy out of having an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, rather than at the beginning. But not me. I appreciate an hour of sunlight before I get to work as much as I like an hour after. Maybe more. My body may get up inconveniently in the middle of the night, but my brain is pretty much non-functional until I put a few rays of sun on it. A back-to-front vampire student.

Now I'm trying to pretend that I'm starting to feel sleepy at a time that last week would've been five-thirty. If we were normal people that would be a time we'd start to consider eating tea. As it is we do that closer to three o'clock because we're old before our time, but still. You want me to go to sleep in half an hour? Good luck with that!

If I were to take the place of Pollyanna right now I could say that since I wouldn't enjoy today much anyway it's lucky that this is the day that only lasts 23 hours.

But I'm not and I won't.

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