Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Crime Writer Banned From Social Media

My darling strolled across my author's page the other day - it's only been in existence for two months so it's a relatively quick find for him - and was appalled to see that I interact with other humans beings on what he insists on calling the inter-web or the face-net.

There were exclamations of horror at the list of tweets on my page. Why are there hardly any words? What does it do? But what's it for? And just when it seemed like his disbelief had peaked he discovered my blog feed.

But this isn't about anything. Why are you writing it? Who's reading it? Is this a My-Space thing?

Bless his little heart, he got all worked up about it. I tried to reassure him that the general world population was almost completely uninterested in anything I was putting on the Internet (forever!) so it didn't matter if I put a few opinions and observances online, but the upshot is that I'm banned.

No more twitter. No more blogger. No more.

Once my hilarity subsided I pointed out that I pay for our internet and phone connection so if he liked I could continue to do that and he could continue to not have an opinion that anyone in the household was going to listen to. We've agreed to forge ahead on that basis.

Oh, and I assured him I would never write a blog post about this.

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