Monday, 25 August 2014

As if it wasn't hard enough...

trying to navigate the multitude of sites of Playstation Network and Playstation Plus and Sony Entertainment Network and whatever else they've managed to erect as a barrier to me finding out what the current free line-up is on my Instant Game Collection (because everything is interesting when you're meant to be working,) but now a DOS attack on the site and a bomb scare for a Sony executive? Come on people.

Sure, they handed all my private information out with their insecure systems so I had to change all of my passwords and still can't quite get the hang of them so I hit on the "forgot password" link as often as I type one in - but so did Hell's Pizza and no one's toppling their website. That may have something to do with Satan's protection of course, but lets not go there.

And yes, they don't care about the repeated error messages I get from their systems saying that they can't connect to my wireless network and in lieu of fixing AN OBVIOUS PROBLEM AT THEIR END keep saying I need to update the router I bought brand-new a couple of weeks ago and which every other piece of electronica in my household has no problem connecting to no matter how old or how few bars display on their decrepit equipment screens.

So I understand you're annoyed, but this is what social media is for. Go out trolling for an evening and stop phoning in bomb threats.

And if anyone has worked out an easy way to navigate the tangled and slow network of awkward websites that have built up in "support" of my beautiful PS4 please let me know.

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